Wiener Rathaus

1st Inter*Conference in Vienna

November 6th - 8th 2015

to mark the

Intersex Solidarity Day

 Inter:reunion “Secret Brunch” November 8th

You want to get in touch with Intersex activists form different countries such as Hida Viloria (oii-USA), Del LaGrace Volcano, Dan Ghattas (oii-Europe) or Alex Jürgen (oii-Austria)? An international conference on Intersex issues in the beautiful city of Vienna, the capital of Austria, sounds like the place to be from November 6th to 8th?

Then come and participate at the 1st Intersex Conference in Vienna! Join us for exciting workshops, presentations and pannel discussions. An Intersex Solidarity Party, a movie night and a "secret brunch" for Intersex persons only hosted by oii-Austria are only some of the highlights of the conference's program.

For registration or more information, please, get in touch with us: registration@intersex-conference.at! Also, take a look at the conference's program below!

The conference languages will be German and English. Translation will be provided for all speeches and discussions. Workshops will be held in just one language.
English workshops to choose on both Friday (16.00-19.00) and Saturday (16.30-19.00):

Workshop 2: Hida Viloria „Re-imagining the Human Species: Welcoming Intersex People into Society"

What does it mean to be openly intersex in everyday life? This workshop will seek to explore the transformative potential of micro-activism, starting with the family and radiating outwards in ever increasing circles.

The "internal meeting of international intersex organisations" on Friday (13.00-16.00) is a networking space especially for preparing the Trans*Inter*Conference in Munich in May 2016.