Wiener Rathaus


Friday, March 31

Venue: Cinema "Schikaneder Kino"           

18:30     doors open

18:45     film screening "Herma XXY Intersex" (documentary, CAN/DE 2014, english)

19:40     Talk with inter*activist Ins A Kromminga

20:30     after film drinks

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Saturday, April 1               

Venue: Vienna Mayors House / Wiener Rathaus, Wappensaal

08:30     Check-In 

09:00     opening words from:

              Mag. Wolfgang Wilhelm (Director of WASt - Antidiscrimination Office Vienna)

              Marina Hanke (Member of federal and municipal government of Vienna, social democrats party SPÖ)

              Michael O'Flaherty (Director EU Fundamental Rights Agency FRA)

              Gabriele Rothuber (Plattform Intersex / Education and Councelling)

              Luan Pertl (VIMÖ / OII Organisation Intersex International Austria)

              Dr. Dan Christian Ghattas (Co-Chair OII - Organisation Intersex International Europe)

09:30    lecture „This Is Intersex: The Power of Personal Narratives" - Betsy Driver

10.15    lecture „Intersex in Europe“Kitty Anderson

11:00    Break 

11:20    lecture „Intersex in Austria"VIMÖ (OII Austria) & Plattform Intersex

12:10    Lunch Break

13:45    Panel Discussion: „Third Option - Gender and Sex in Law"


              Inso (Prosecutor and Member of the "Campaign for a third option" in Germany)

              Dr. Dan Christian Ghattas (Co-Chair OII - Organisation Intersex International Europe)

              María Amor Martin Estébanez (EU Fundamental Rights Agency FRA)

              Angela Schwarz (WASt - Antidiscrimination Office Vienna)

              Moderation: Dr. Eva Matt (Plattform Intersex)

15:15    Break   

15:45    Workshops:

  1. Beratungsangebote für Inter*Personen und ihre Angehörigen" mit Ev Blaine Matthigack - german
  2. Inter* und Medizinmit Michaela Katzer  - german
  3. Resistance Is Fertilemit Del LaGrace Volcano - english
    ... in this workshop we discuss the ways in which our automatic compliance to the regulatory systems of sex and gender creates the cultures where “odies that queer” - bodies that do not, can not, will not comply with the binary gender system, intersex bodies and other bodies as well - are not valued to the point of erasure, and how to use the radical potential of simultaneous combustion in the spheres of art, activism, academia and everyday life.
  4. DeSexualisation of Identity Documents mit Gorji Marzban und Eva Fels - english

End of workshops at about 18:15

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Evening Event, Saturday April 1   

 VenueCafe Willendorf

from 6 pm: Painting Exhibition „366 Days – 366 Artworks“ by Alex Jürgen    

At 6 pm the Cafe and the Exhibition is opening. From this time on it's possible to mark the paintings you want to buy at the public sale later!
More information here

8:30 pm: Public Sale of the artworks by Alex Jürgen (Moderation: Gabriele Rothuber)


Concert by Tinou & the Emancipatory Jukebox

Performance by Luan & Denice Bourbon 

Performance by Denice Bourbon



Sunday, April 2                

11:00  "Secret Brunch" - Safer Space exklusively for Inter*

more details & registration: wien [at] vimoe.at

    and at the same time:

11:00 Meeting for Parents of intersex children

There is no big Group yet, but two parents who are interested in mutual support and sharing experiences and who organize this very first meeting!

more details & registration: eltern [at] vimoe.at